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Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences
Hermann-Rodewald-Straße 4, 24098 Kiel, Phone +49 431 880-5331, Fax +49 431 880-7334
e-mail: dekanatagrar@uv.uni-kiel.de
www: http://www.agrar.uni-kiel.de
dean: Prof. Dr. Mühling, Karl H., ext. 3189
vice deans: Prof. Dr. Dr. Henning, Christian, ext. 4453; Prof. Dr. Thaller, Georg, ext. 7329
vice-dean (teaching): Prof. Dr. Hartung, Eberhard, ext. 2107
faculty operations manager: Brechtefeld, Maren, M.A., ext. 7173
secretariat: Wegner, Kirsten, ext. 5331; Wilms, Laura, ext. 5331; Blohm, Katja, Dipl.-Kauffrau, ext. 2591
press and public relations: Dr. Saggau, Doreen, ext. 7126
equal opportunities officer: Böhm, Rebekka, M.Sc., ext. 4422; Dr. Nickel, Kristina, ext. 4825; Dr. agr. Schreiner, Julia Anette
family officer: Dr. Saggau, Doreen, ext. 7126
environmental officer: apl.-Prof. Dr. Hasler, Mario, ext. 2991
exam office (all courses of study of our faculty, as well as Medical Life Sciences): Wixforth, Maren, M.A., ext. 3209; Ruhberg, Susanne, ext. 2020; Dodt, Nicole, ext. 3134
chair of exemination board
tutors of the student council for our domestic and foreign students: Steffensen, Benedikt, ext. 3651


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