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Faculty of Engineering
Kaiserstraße 2, 24143 Kiel, Phone +49 431 880-6068/-6001, Fax +49 431 880-6003
e-mail: dekanat@tf.uni-kiel.de
www: http://www.tf.uni-kiel.de/
dean: Prof. Dr. Kienle, Lorenz, ext. 6196
vice deans: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Höher, Peter A., ext. 6127; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Koch, Reinhard, ext. 4484
faculty operations manager: Dr. Paul, Frank, ext. 6002
secretariat: Johannsen, Daniel, ext. 6068; Wengler, Tanja, ext. 6001
equal opportunities officer: Dr. Pfannschmidt, Ina, ext. 4413
Professors in retirement: Prof. Dr. Berghammer, Rudolf, ext. 7296; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Brocks, Wolfgang; Prof. Dr. de Roever, Willem-Paul; Prof. Dr. Föll, Helmut, ext. 6175; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fuchs, Friedrich Wilhelm, ext. 6108; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heute, Ulrich, ext. 6147; Prof. Dr. Jäger, Wolfgang, ext. 6176; Prof. Dr. Kandzia, Peter; Prof. Dr. Kluge, Werner; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Luttenberger, Norbert; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Röck, Helmut, ext. 6276; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rosenkranz, Werner, ext. 6310; Prof. Dr. Schimmler, Manfred, ext. 7291; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Seegebrecht, Peter, ext. 6078; Prof. Dr. Sommer, Gerald; Prof. Dr. Weppner, Werner
honorary professors: Prof. Dr. Engl, Walter L., tel. 0241 80 3937; Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Huggins, Robert A.; Prof. Dr. Rüschmann, Hans-Heinrich, tel. 044651 967997; Prof. Dr. von Sengbusch, Günter, tel. 04152 87 1648; Prof. Dr. Wuttig, Manfred
IT Coordinator: Dipl.-Ing. Rabsch, Torge, ext. 7516


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